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Chuck McGill's
Flying the Cessna 210

Flying the Cessna 210
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Chuck McGill
Named 2009 CFI of the Year

Cessna 210 T210 P210 Trainer Chuck McGill, 2009 CFI of the Year

FAA Western Pacific Region

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Shock Cooling


6 Items to Include in Your Survival Kit

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Survival Uses for Aircraft Parts

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Personalized Training

  • Advanced Avionics including G1000, G500, G600, GTN750, GTN650, 530/430, GMX200, STEC 55X

  • Cessna Aircraft Centurion, 210, T210, P210, 206

  • IPCs and VFR Flight Reviews

  • All Training by Master CFI Chuck McGill

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Garmin 430, 530, GMX200, MX20, JPI 830 Training


Cessna 210
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What is a Master CFI?

Of the approximately 93,000 CFIs in the United States today, less than 1 percent achieve “Master” status. Chuck McGill is one of only 25 aviation educators in the world to earn the prestigious "Master" title 6 times! Click Here for more information.

Do we work with your insurance company?

Some of the companies we work with include AIG - AOPA - Avemco - Britt-Paulk - Chartis - Global Aerospace - London Aviation - Phoenix Aviation - Starr Aviation - USAIG - US Specialty (USSIC) - XL Specialty Insurance.

What is Recurrent Training?

Proficiency, rather than hours logged, is a primary and essential ingredient in air safety. Click Here to continue, and check for potential insurance discounts

Buying an Aircraft?

Purchase Assistance, when buying a new or used Cessna or Mooney aircraft. Click Here


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SafeFlight clients
have to say...

It was the best call of my flying career...

Flying with Chuck McGill in my Cessna P210 proved very valuable. Not only does he know tips and tricks for smooth, safe flying in the P210, he also knows how to teach efficient, fast use of Garmin 530/430 GPS. I came away knowing more about my airplane and the avionics than I had imagined."

Chuck taught me more about operating my Mooney TLS safely, IMC and VMC, than any other instructor I have ever had...

"All my life I've dreamed of owning a pressurized Centurion. The opportunity to purchase a P210N came along ... I searched for a trainer and found Chuck McGill, whose career demonstrated the level of quality I was looking for in an instructor."

I have never previously flown with an instructor as talented as Chuck McGill..

"I had the pleasure of 'discovering' my T210 with Chuck McGill. I have come away from this experience with a new appreciation for this great airplane."

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