SafeFlight International Initial & Recurrent, Model Specific Flight Training


Thank you for the kind comments!

"All my life I've dreamed of owning a pressurized Centurion. The opportunity to purchase a P210N came along a little over a year ago. I searched the internet for a trainer and found Chuck McGill, whose career demonstrated the level of quality I was looking for in an instructor. So, I called the Marine colonel to get the job done."

"He second-guessed and double-checked everything about the airplane, the paperwork, the logs, and especially the pilot! It was soon apparent how much training was required to step up from a Skylane to a mini-airliner. Although I had over 2,000 flight hours it became obvious some serious training was required. He succeeded in thoroughly training me through a comprehensive and customized process tailored to this airplane. It was the best call of my flying career."

"Last week I flew from Livermore Airport in the Bay Area to Imperial County Airport, half way between San Diego and Yuma, Arizona. It only took 2 hours and 25 minutes, up and over the clouds, cruising at Flight Level 230. I have absolute confidence that this airplane has become my second skin."

"Thank you Colonel Chuck McGill -- you have given me wings."

Steve Sweeney

San Ramon, California

"I bought a Cessna 206 a few years back and spend about a year switching instructors and trying to find a real mentor for the job, and on a lucky day, there came Chuck into my world, and it all changed. It doesn't matter if you have 50, 100, 500 or several thousand hours, there is something for sure that Chuck can teach you in a very nice, friendly, humble way. It is a pleasure flying and learning with him. I did my instrument ticket with him and continue to take at least one lesson a week. Trust me, he will change the way you look at flying and you will be asking yourself: How did I fly before without knowing all these and having these new skills?

"On single engine matters, from a Champ to a Turbo 210, he has it all ready for you. Add to that his love for teaching to fly and his safety minded approach, and you have the unbeatable combo of a Master CFII that is ready to make you the pilot you really want to be."

Santiago Aguerre
San Diego, CA

"After using different flight instructors over a couple of years, I was referred to Chuck by a close friend. I can honestly say that he has made a dramatic impact on my flying skills and proficiency. He took me through my instrument rating from start to finish and I am now a better pilot as a direct result of flying with Chuck. Not only is he an accomplished pilot and master CFII, he is a great, personable teacher. He can tell when you are overloaded and also when to push you further so your training time is maximized. He is always well prepared and has a good plan in mind for how to best work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Chuck McGill to any pilot looking for an accomplished, professional pilot to fly with. You will be better for the experience."


San Diego, CA

A36 Bonanza

" Chuck McGill's instruction was one of the best experiences of my life. Chuck found a way to expose my weaknesses that helped me to become a better pilot. With my sessions with Chuck, he was always focused on making me a safer operator with emphasis on situational awareness, analysis of possible negative outcome, and constant awareness of the safe operation of my machine. I feel that Chuck's instruction has made me a better, safer pilot, and I feel that with Chuck's instruction, I am a more confident and more importantly, a safer pilot. I am of the opinion that the instruction that I have received from Chuck has made a major difference in my attitudes and opinions about the safe operation of my aircraft. Furthermore, I feel that my instruction dollar has never been better spent. ."

Tom P.

Seattle, WA

"I have never previously flown with an instructor as talented as Chuck McGill. He truly deserves the title of Master CFI. I fly a Commander 114B, not the most common airplane around. Chuck was able to assess the airplane's characteristics very quickly - he has flown many different types and this gives him great flexibility. Over time, he has taken my flying technique and confidence to a whole new level. We have done recurrent training over the years, and I am now doing advanced training with him. He is a superb communicator and educator. He has an uncanny talent for working out how a student best learns, and he has helped me achieve every goal in my training. He knows just how much to stretch my abilities, and is a master of positive reinforcement. Flying with Chuck is the best value for money I have ever experienced."



"Chuck, I just want to say thanks again. If you remember the other day when I had a electrical power problem. It turned out to be grounding. But the issue that I want to say thanks for is that when my fuel computer was damaged during this episode it was not a big issue because of the training we did. The CHTs were set with the power and mixture and I knew exactly what I was using for fuel. Good stuff. Keep it up. See you next year. Take care."

Brian Isert

Provo, UT

"I had the pleasure of 'discovering' my T210 with Chuck McGill. I have come away from this experience with a new appreciation for this great airplane. Chuck's preparation, presentation, and experience, truly maximized the effectiveness of the time we spent together. I am impressed at how adeptly and quickly he understood my needs and focused on making sure I received what I needed and wanted, and more. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who has a desire to go beyond the standard aircraft checkout and truly get to know the aircraft and sharpen their abilities to get in touch with Chuck."

Brian Isert

Provo, UT

"When I picked up my G1000 C-182 in Independence, I flew straight to San Diego. I knew Chuck would give me the instrument training needed to stay safe flying IMC back to San Francisco."

Cory Lovell, Comm/Inst/CFI

San Francisco, CA

"As a long-time pilot returning to flying after a break of a few years, I found training with Chuck invaluable in not only refreshing my flying skills, but also moving them up to a new level. From his focus on making the airplane do the work, to his emphasis on the importance on basic flying skills and the subtleties of flying to his systematic approach to flight safety, Chuck is a gifted teacher and pilot. For me, Chuck's mastery as a flight instructor was evident from the moment he inquired about the way I learn and then proceeded to train me to my learning style. The result has been a complete refinement of my flying skills."

Reo Carr

San Diego, CA

"Chuck taught me more about operating my Mooney TLS safely, IMC and VMC, than any other instructor I have ever had. After working with him I was amazed at how much critical operational instruction I had missed with other instructors. Thanks, Chuck."

Jeffrey D. Young

Santa Barbara, CA

"Chuck McGill's love of flying and teaching is obvious. He tailors instruction to the student and maximizes learning. He emphasizes practical flying skills. My time with him has made me a better, safer pilot. I've flown with Chuck for my flight review and instrument check; my wife has done a pinch-hitter course with him. We highly recommend him."

Donn and Barbara Larson

"Flying with Chuck McGill in my Cessna P210 proved very valuable. Not only does he know tips and tricks for smooth, safe flying in the P210, he also knows how to teach efficient, fast use of Garmin 530/430 GPS. I came away knowing more about my airplane and the avionics than I had imagined."

Allen Anderson

San Angelo, TX

" You were the best instructor I had in my 40 years of flying."



" My insurance checkout with Chuck McGill was a great experience. He is a consummate professional who teaches safe and efficient piloting. Everyone will tell you Mooneys are "different" and learning from someone who knows them is a must. New owners have a ton of questions and I walked away from our sessions with increased skill and a great deal more knowledge of my M20E."

Jon Hoffman

Upland, CA

" When I started thinking of buying a P210 I looked around for some help and was eventually referred to Chuck McGill. From then on things got easy! He found the right airplane for me, assisted me in selecting upgrades and modifications, and even supervised the installs. Then the fun really began, as he taught this old Spad driver a whole of new tricks in my Initial and Recurrent P210 flight training. I think of Chuck as "Mr. 210" and have really appreciated his help over the years. "

Don Hanna