Flying The Cessna 210

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What people are saying about Flying the Cessna 210

"If you're thinking about purchasing a Cessna 210 or flying one, then Chuck McGill's book, Flying the Cessna 210, is an absolutely must have for your library. There are two ways to get smart as a pilot. You can read a lot of books and/or ask a lot of questions. Therefore, if you want to be a smart Cessna 210 pilot, you should buy this book because it will answer your most important questions. Chuck presents tips, techniques and personal insights about flying the Cessna 210 while integrating valuable NTSB accident data into the mix. After reading this book, you'll feel that you've just sat down for a one-on-one ground lesson with one of our industry's most respected flight instructors."

— Rod Machado

"Whether you're a high time Cessna 210 pilot or are just thinking about buying a 210, you'll want to get a copy of Chuck McGill's Flying the Cessna 210. My first aircraft was a 1980 Turbo 210N and I wish I had his book when I was learning to fly my plane. I learned a number of things from Chuck's book that I never knew about my plane. Chuck's book differs from other 210 publications in that he gives details on specific techniques for flying these aircraft safely, while getting the most performance from the planes. For complex airplanes like the 210, I always recommended that pilots seek out a flight instructor who specializes in their aircraft type. For the 210, Chuck is that instructor. If you can't fly with him, buy Flying the Cessna 210."

— Max Trescott
2008 National Flight Instructor of the Year

"As I own a P210 and a Silver Eagle P210 and also maintain many 210s in my work, the title attracted my attention. I'd also heard of Chuck McGill and knew his great reputation as a 210 instructor and Master CFI, who had been around C210s for a long time. I was intrigued.

The book provides a wealth of information about the 210.

It gives details of the differences between the different models of 210 and their expected performance. For example, the difference in performance between the normally aspirated, the turbo and the turbo-pressurized models in different configurations. This is ideal for someone considering the pros and cons of the 210, T210 and P210 models for their specific operational requirements.

I was also impressed the way Chuck explains some of the specific characteristics of the 210 in his book. He explains systems and procedures in easy-to-understand English, that is neither too technical nor too "dumbed down". This gives the pilot much more savvy about the characteristics of the aircraft, leading him/her to fly with more confidence as well as more caution.

Overall, the book confirmed my confidence that the aircraft is indeed a high-performance, stable, single-engine aircraft that's easy to fly providing it's flown within the POH requirements with an understanding of the model's characteristics, while introducing me to aspects of the 210 I didn't know about.

I would recommend Flying the Cessna 210: The secrets unlocked by Chuck McGill to all 210 pilots from the novice to the most experienced - because everyone will get something out of this book."

— Garth Bartlett
Cessna Pilots Association of Australia

I am currently at San Diego's Montgomery Field awaiting the final results of a pre-buy inspection on a 1979 Cessna Centurion P210N.

But even before I arrived here and met Chuck McGill, who is advising me on choosing a P210, he has saved me thousands of dollars. He showed me where to look and what to ask about evaluating a plane out of the dozens listed online. I've been buying and selling planes for 20 years, but Chuck showed me a lot of tricks and techniques about the procurement business that I've been unfamiliar with as these planes age. Chuck flew a candidate airplane with me on a short hop from Las Vegas to San Diego in what looked like a spotless '79 P210N and we came up with 4 pages of data to present to the maintenance facility to look at during the pre-buy inspection.

I Googled "P210 instructors" and came up with Chuck McGill's name, and he's the real deal. We are in the process of devising a customized checklist for the '79 P210 I'm interested in, and he's showed me what my Pilot's Operating Handbook will look like after I'm done cleaning it up with his direction. I'm taking Chuck's 2-day insurance company-approved course on training in my specific airplane, not just a generic one. This is the kind of service and support you need whenever you're thinking about transitioning to an airplane with this complexity.

Chuck McGill's book came along right on time, and I downloaded the Kindle version the minute it became available. If you are thinking about upgrading to a higher-performance plane than your current ride, you need to read this book. Prices of these airplanes are tantalizing, but you need to get educated before jumping into the market, and Chuck McGill's book on the Cessna 210 will be an important first step for you.

— Dale Brown

If you think you know what there is to know about flying a Cessna 210, Chuck McGill's excellent book, Flying the Cessna 210, The Secrets Unlocked, will both surprise and delight you. I hope that he is inspired to write so thoroughly about flying other types of aircraft.

— Barry Schiff